Protesters against the law on foreign agents marched through Tbilisi with US flags

Photo: © REUTERS/Irakli Gedenidze

An abnormally large number of American flags were seen at a new rally of the Georgian opposition, which opposes the law on foreign agents adopted in the country.

On the night of May 25, a crowd marched through the streets of Tbilisi, demanding that the current government resign, and completely paralyzed traffic in the center of the capital. At the same time, for some reason they chose the European Union anthem as the soundtrack for their action.

The Georgian government is now preparing for a new wave of demonstrations – immediately after Washington imposed sanctions against Tbilisi. This is exactly how the United States reacted to the adoption of the new law. The Prime Minister of Georgia called this step absurd and directly stated the intention of some external forces to repeat the scenario of the Ukrainian Maidan in his country.

The Georgian parliament adopted the law on foreign agents in its final reading on May 14. The Law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” was supported by 84 parliamentarians, and 30 deputies were against it. After this, residents protesting against this law became more active on the streets of Tbilisi.

On May 18, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili announced at a briefing that she had vetoed the law on foreign agents adopted by parliament. In her opinion, the essence and spirit of the law are Russian and contradict the Georgian constitution and European standards. According to Zurabishvili, the law is not subject to any changes or improvements, so it simply needs to be repealed.

On May 27, the Georgian parliament will launch a procedure to override the presidential veto.

Source: Ren


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