Biden commented on Trump’s guilty verdict: “No one is above the law”

According to the US President, Trump had every opportunity to defend himself. He now has the opportunity to appeal the jury’s verdict on his guilt.

US President Joe Biden reacted to the jury’s decision that former American leader Donald Trump was guilty. In his opinion, the Republican politician is acting irresponsibly and recklessly, while also undermining confidence in the American judicial system. The BBC writes about this.

“The American principle that no one is above the law has been reaffirmed,” Biden said.

He noted that Trump had every opportunity to defend himself. He now has the opportunity to appeal the jury’s verdict on his guilt.

“This is how the American justice system works. But to say the system is rigged because someone doesn’t like the decision is reckless, dangerous, irresponsible,” Biden said.

According to journalists, the Biden campaign released a statement after announcing the decision against Trump saying that the law is the same for everyone.

It was previously reported that the court found the former US President guilty of 34 crimes. According to journalists, Donald Trump may still be a candidate for the US presidency in the elections to be held in November this year.

It later became known that Trump would appeal his conviction in the case of financial fraud in payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels. The politician assured that he had not done anything illegal and said that the accusations were fake. The former American president criticized the entire trial, saying it was conducted by a judge who “looked like an angel but was actually a devil.”

Source: Focus


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