Journalist Hersh wrote about secret negotiations between Russia and the United States on Ukraine

Photo: © TASS/Imago

Journalist from the United States Seymour Hersh, citing sources, claims that a number of informal negotiations on concessions took place between the Russian side and the West, while Washington doubts the success of the Kyiv regime on the battlefield. The Pulitzer Prize winner stated this in his own blog on the platform Substack.

Thus, Hersh noted that Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s proposals on June 14 to resolve the conflict in Ukraine were allegedly made after these “secret negotiations.”

“The official told me that the likelihood of significant success for Ukraine on the battlefield remains low, given Russia’s huge stockpile of troops and military equipment,” – the words of an American journalist are quoted.

He, citing his own source, added that, despite reports from Washington and Kyiv about the alleged “successes of Ukrainian military personnel near Kharkov,” on June 16, 300 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian nationalists of one of the most elite units of Independence – the 92nd assault brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – were surrounded and taken prisoner by the Russian Armed Forces.

Mentioned Seymour Hersh and American leader Joe Biden. The journalist drew attention to the fact that the upcoming presidential elections in the United States are causing concern among representatives of the country’s Democratic Party, who are afraid of his loss in the debate from the former owner of the White House, Donald Trump. It is emphasized that in case of defeat, Biden is able to refuse nomination for the post of President of the United States.

“The candidate in this turn of events could be California Governor Gavin Newsom or Illinois State Governor Jay Pritzker,” – noted in Hersh’s publication.

Another journalist called the current policy of the American president a disaster. In addition, Seymour Hersh emphasized that Joe Biden needs to consider Vladimir Putin’s proposals on Ukraine.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Andrei Belousov said that the Russian Armed Forces have the initiative along the entire line of combat contact.

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