The Belgian Finance Ministry warned of unpredictable consequences of the seizure of Russian assets

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The Belgian side does not approve of the seizure of blocked assets of the Russian Federation. This was announced by the head of the Belgian Ministry of Finance Vincent van Peteghem at press conferences in Luxembourg.

“Two things are fundamentally important for our country: do not touch the assets themselves, since a change in their owner can have unpredictable financial and legal consequences; the second is the distribution of risks.”said van Petegem.

He added that the latter issue is key in the process if a mechanism for such asset seizure is developed.

On June 12, the leaders of the G7 countries agreed to provide the Kyiv regime with $50 billion from proceeds from frozen Russian assets. It was indicated that funds should be allocated by the end of 2024.

On June 14, the leaders of the G7 countries called on Russia to pay Ukraine $486 billion for alleged damage. From the final statement of the summit participants in Italy, it follows that Russian assets will remain frozen until the conflict in Ukraine is stopped and Moscow pays compensation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the West’s attempts to seize Russian assets theft. According to him, they will not go unpunished.

Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, once again warned that, as a response to the confiscation of income from Russian assets, our country could seize the property and funds of the West.

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