Trouble in Argentina: Woman goes shopping as her car is stolen with kids inside

In recent days, Argentina has been in turmoil over the incident. in Hurlingham where a woman stopped outside a store, left her children in the back seat, and seconds later thieves stole her car.

A few hours later, the subjects abandoned the babies a few blocks ahead and After some time, leading a police chase, one of them, 19 years old, was detained.

According to the newspaper El Clarín, the incident took place on Calle Argerich in 2000. that side of the northwest of the Buenosair agglomeration.

They said the woman arrived in her Ford Focus and stopped her march to go shopping. in the store, and his two minor children were left in the back seat.

At that time, according to sources cited by Télam, the two perpetrators They got into the car and fled at full speed with the woman’s children.

Two blocks later the thieves came down children from the car and continued their escape.

Shortly thereafter, several patrol cars began chasing the criminals and they finally managed to apprehend one of them when their getaway car crashed.

The impact hit the cement pillars at the corner of the gas station, at the intersection of Vergara and Jorece Avenues, also in Herlingham.

Police identified the detainee as Matias Ariel Abratte (19), who remained at the disposal of prosecutor Adriana Suárez Corripio. Head of Functional Training (UFI) 8 Judicial Department of Morón.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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