Victoria Ruffo says Eugenio Derbez will not be mentioned in her bioseries

Victoria Ruffo is one of the telenovela icons in Mexico. It is that his career spanning over 42 years has never ceased to play important roles in prime time dramatic productions on television, all thanks to his career and talent.

Because of all his years in the Mexican entertainment industry, all the good and bad moments of his personal life and his relationships with other celebrities, many of his fans are intrigued to learn more about the interesting details of Ruffo’s life and how he will be portrayed in the biopic series.

Walking the blue carpet at the premiere of the biographical series about singer Miguel Bose “Bose Yo Sere” which will be released on November 3 on Paramount +, the actress spoke with journalists who were present on the spot. They asked her if she would agree to do her own bioseries. “Not at all, I don’t think (his life) is interesting, it is quite calm, normal, this is a long-term work …” was his answer.

Nonetheless, One of those present asked him if he would talk about “the one”, referring to Eugenio Derbez, with whom the actress had a relationship in which a fictitious marriage was conceived, and her son José Eduardo.

Victoria Ruffo assured that she did not even want to mention it, because she wanted to keep her personal life to herself. However, contrary to what journalists asked about, The interpreter assured that this story has a dark side, but added that what she experienced with Derbez “is a bright chapter” when compared with everything she experienced.. He admitted that he would only offer a production about his experience if he was 80 years old.

Author: Diego Valencia
Source: La Opinion


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