Russia promises to supply the army with thousands of “amazing” drones: how to help the soldiers

The Russian concern Almaz-Antey has developed new drones called Dobrynya and Gorynych. Channel 5 realized its features.

“Dobrynya” is a small quadrocopter weighing less than a kilogram. Depending on the load, it can accelerate to 180 km/h and fly up to 3 km high. The communication range with the operator is 5 km, but in offline mode it flies up to 20 km if you pre-download the maps and program the route. It is equipped with an electronic board responsible for the operation of engines and communication with satellites. The lightweight carbon body is 3D printed.

One of the main advantages of drone developers is weather resistance. Almaz-Antey is currently testing Dobrynya – they first fly it in the freezer at a temperature of -30 degrees, and then under heavy rain. According to Russian engineers, the drone can withstand the elements without any problems, unlike many of its foreign counterparts.

Despite the drone’s “invulnerability” claims, it is delivered in a waterproof case. In addition to the Dobrynya itself, the kit includes a control panel, a tablet, a set of cables and several batteries. If the operator is in the middle of the field, it is recommended to charge the device both from the socket and from the vehicle battery.

Almaz-Antey proposes to use Dobrynya in the war in Ukraine and for peaceful purposes: site inspection, aerial photography, cargo delivery, etc. The value of the aircraft is 130,000 rubles or 2,150 dollars. Concert that promises to collect 1,000 drones by the end of 2022 and then release the same number each month.

Almaz-Antey is developing another “amazing” UAV called Gorynych. This is a large octacopter designed to carry heavy loads over long distances. Now engineers are looking at different engines and body materials to enable drones to fly higher, farther and lift more weight so their performance can vary.

Earlier it became known that the Russians are developing a new fighter jet “Shershen”. It is equipped with equipment for creating electronic jamming and suppressing other UAVs, as well as an ultrasonic gun for influencing people. Engineers say they applied a special paint to make the Hornet invisible to radar.

They recently wrote that the Russian Jupiter plant has created an “all-seeing” drone for the military. It is equipped with a thermal camera, which allows reconnaissance from a height of 3 km in the dark. The first aircraft have already been delivered to the RF Armed Forces.

Source: Focus


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