The tenth “Leleka-100” went to defeat the invaders: what our UAV can do (video)

A Ukrainian-made drone will make aerial reconnaissance more combat-ready.

According to the fund’s Facebook account, our air reconnaissance officers from the 77th separate air mobile brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Airborne Division received the tenth Leleka-100 UAV, purchased at the expense of the Turn Back We Live fund. page. Day and night optics, spare parts, consumables and a ground station were transferred to the drone “as a dowry”.

Thanks to the Ukrainians, “Turn Back Alive” has already collected 36 million UAH and ordered 25 “birds” from the drone developer DeViRo and immediately transferred them to the front as soon as they were assembled. By the way, in January, the 77th air reconnaissance brigade was especially noted by the President of Ukraine for holding positions in Soledar and inflicting significant losses on the enemy.

The Leleka-100 drone has been fighting Russian aggression in the Donbass since 2016. The reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of reconnaissance and correction of artillery fire against detected enemy targets up to 50 km behind the front line, rising 2 km from the ground. The drone transmits all received information in real time, day and night.

Equipped with an electronic warfare protection system, the Leleka-100 drone can stay in the air for up to 2.5 hours. The maximum speed of the drone is 120 km/h.

Previously Focus He wrote that a police aircraft “Saikonia”, based on the “Lelek-100”, was created in Dnipro: how it will help the Ukrainians.

Source: Focus


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