Learn how to free up space on iPhone without deleting photos and apps.

Regardless of the storage capacity of the new iPhones, problems due to lack of storage space are common. for a large number of users. In these cases, the most common recommendation is to either uninstall apps the user doesn’t use or delete files from the camera roll.

Nevertheless, there are less invasive alternatives which allow you to free up space without resorting to these options. This is possible because iOS has built-in options that make it easy to reclaim storage space through certain tricks that are less than interesting.

How to free up space on your iPhone

1. Optimize storage

Fortunately, Apple has implemented a feature that helps free up space on your iPhone without sacrificing photo quality..This feature is called Optimize Storage and is available in the Photos app. What does this option do keep low-res copies of your photos and videos on your iPhonewhich takes up much less space. Meanwhile, create a high-resolution copy of all your photos and videos in the iCloud cloud.

This way you can access your high resolution photos whenever you need them without taking up precious space on your device. This feature also allows you to take as many photos as you want without having to worry about filling up your phone.

The Optimize Storage feature in the Photos app is very easy to use. Just go to the photo settings on your iPhone and select Optimize Storage. From now on, your iPhone will store low-resolution copies of your photos and videos, freeing up a significant amount of space on your device.

2. Offload apps

One lesser-known iPhone feature that can help free up space is the “Unload App” option. This feature is located in the iPhone storage section and allows you to free up storage by deleting the app from your device, keeping app information and settings in iCloud.

Instead of completely removing the app and all of its data, the “Unload app” option only removes the app itself from the device, freeing up storage space. But this does not mean that you will lose your data or settings associated with the application.

To use the Download App feature, simply go to iPhone Storage and select the app you want to download for free.. On the application page, you will see the option “Upload application”. Selecting this option will remove the app from your iPhone, but you won’t lose any data from the app.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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