You can be monitored from a smart TV camera: what to do to protect yourself

In recent decades, technology has stepped forward by leaps and bounds, and smart TVs are one of the most popular products today. These TVs have many features that allow users to enjoy a more complete entertainment experience.

However, as with any device connected to the Internet, Smart TVs also present certain security risks that need to be considered..

One of the biggest risks a smart TV can pose is that if you have a webcam, it can be easily hacked by intruders. Here, They may have access to images and videos of your home’s interior.which constitutes a serious breach of your privacy and security.

Also hacked webcam on smart tv it can also be used to record the audio of our private conversations.which can be used for blackmail or criminal acts.

How to protect yourself

Fortunately, there are some steps that users can take to minimize the security risks of smart tv with webcam. First of all, it is important for users to change the default passwords for the smart TV and the Wi-Fi router it is connected to. This will prevent third parties from accessing the network and hacking the webcam.

In second place, users should be sure to install all security updates released for their smart TVs.. These updates may contain security fixes that address known vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise your TV.

Finally, it is recommended to close the TV webcam when not in use. This way, even if the webcam is hacked, the hackers will not have access to images or videos from our home.

proven cases

There are several documented cases of webcam smart TVs being hacked by third parties.allowing hackers to look inside private homes.

For example, in 2017, Vizio-branded smart TVs were reported to be collecting browsing information without user consent.. The company agreed to pay a $2.2 million fine to the US Federal Trade Commission and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office for violating privacy laws.

Last time, In 2020, a case was reported in which a Texas couple discovered that their LG-branded smart TV was streaming images from their home to a stranger in another country.. After investigating, they discovered that the TV had been hacked and that his webcam was being used by a third party to spy on his home.

These cases demonstrate that webcam smart TVs can be vulnerable to hacking and that users need to take security measures to protect their privacy and security.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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