Italvolt plans to build a battery factory in Termini Imerese March 16, 2023 2

itvolt he looked up in the former industrial area Fiat Termini Imerese build a battery factory in Italy. As you know, the original plan of Lars Karlstrom’s company provided for the construction of a plant at the former Olivetti Pole in Scarmagno. However, towards the end of January, Karlstrom reported that a number of problems had arisen that were likely to led the company to choose another site for the factory. In particular, the first issue of Italvolt pointed a finger at the electricity network of the selected area, which was not suitable for the plant under construction.

It appears that Italvolt has already identified an alternative site and Carlstrom has expressed interest in investing in the Termini Imerese area.


Thus, Lars Karlstrom wants to get his hands on the former Fiat plant he now owns. owned by Blutec, which was in receivership for some time. According to ANSA, the Extraordinary Commissioners are preparing a tender for the allocation of an industrial area, which can be published after the convening of the table, scheduled for the first days of April, at the Ministry of Enterprise and Production in Italy.

However, Italvolt is not the only one interested in this site. The first to take over the management of the plant was Ukrainian businessman Sergei Shapran, who intends to build an aluminum plant with an investment of 50 million euros, which will employ 300 employees.

Regarding the Italvolt project, Lars Karlstrom, introducing it to trade unions and local authorities, promised investments over 3 billion euros for the construction of a plant for the production of batteries. After full commissioning, the facility will employ about 2,000 people. An ambitious project, which was observed not only with interest, but also with greater caution on the part of trade unions. Antonio Nobile, general secretary of Fim Cisl Palermo Trapani, and Dino Chirivello, head of Cisl Termini Imerese, explain that the company does not intend to wait for public funds, but will start with private investments.

Italvolt is ready to provide 5 million euros, which is very small considering the total investment, but the company is confident that it will be able to find all the necessary funding. However, trade unionists are waiting for concrete documents and further clarifications not only from Italvot, but also from other companies targeting the Termini Imerese area.

Therefore, we cannot give a detailed opinion, also because the experience of the painful past of this industrial zone teaches us that the only thing that can be done is to stand firmly on our feet and wait for concrete actions. Meanwhile, the company will participate in tenders for the allotment of space, which should be received by April.

Therefore, it remains only to wait and see if Italvolt will really transfer its project from Piedmont to Sicily.

Author: Filippo VendrameVIAFONTE

Source: HD Motori


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