Ancient Rome Google Maps: new maps show time travel and calculate cost

For a 2,000 km journey, in ancient times a worker would have had to save more than three years. Such a journey takes 21 days.

Historians have compiled an interactive map that lets you explore Europe, where the Roman Empire spanned 2,750,000 square feet. kilometers and find out how much time and money it will take to travel to 200 AD residents. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The maps of the Roman Empire, compiled by historians at Stanford University, cover 632 sites, including urban settlements and mountain roads.

The system calculates how much ancient peoples had to spend traveling on land and sea routes, depending on the time of year and the specific means of transport.

For example, to get from London (London) to Rome in July 200 AD, it takes 21 days, you have to travel 2643 km. In ancient Roman denarii, such a trip would have cost a traveler 1,031 For clarity, the labor of an unskilled worker in those days was paid at the rate of 1 dinar per day. That is, it will take more than three years to save money for travel.

Users can travel by horse, ox cart, private carriage, porter, or military march among possible travel routes.

The starting points of the routes are selected in the menu, you can even choose the time of year, as well as exclude routes that cross rivers or seas.

Recall that the former abandoned settlements of the Sahara, built of salt and clay, put scientists in a difficult position.

It was also reported that researchers uncovered a time capsule. 300,000-year-old human footprints, considered the world’s oldest footprints, were discovered in Germany.

Source: Focus


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