French governor’s office bans scene of famous nude bike ride

According to local officials, the run is scheduled on days when families with children will see the maximum number, which is unacceptable.

The province of Haute-Garonne in southwestern France has banned the World Naked Bike Ride, 20 Minutes reported.

The authorities took this step even though the organization of the event took more than three months, the route was predetermined and the bike ride was supposed to take place on August 19. The route was planned from the bridge of Deime to Pompertuzat, and the return route was to pass along the roads of the department, passing the municipalities of Castane-Tolosan and Ozeville-Tolosan.

The governor’s office announced that the race, in which cyclists are invited to participate completely naked, is scheduled for the middle of the summer break and also for the long weekend on August 15. The number of people who will see the race, including the number of children. At the same time, in other places where the previous stages were supposed to take place, the organizer maintained the stance of not covering the genitals of the participants.

The Governor’s Office also includes Articles 222-32 of the Penal Code. He also had the audacity to remind himself that sexual display in front of others in a public place was punishable by a one-year prison sentence and a fine of 15,000 euros, pursuant to Article

Now nudist bikers will have to look for another activity for the weekend. When their demonstration in Nantes was also banned last Sunday, two people who tried to walk naked and on a bicycle were arrested.

The World Naked Bike Ride is a series of global events dedicated to naked riding to raise awareness of the vulnerability and insecurity of cyclists on public roads and global warming. It brought together more than 10,000 cyclists from all over the world in 2019. The run consists of 11 stages in France and approximately 300 stages worldwide. Cyclists cross cities completely naked.

Previously Focus He wrote that in 2018, 2505 women in Ireland broke the world record by swimming naked.

Source: Focus


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