The wedding turned into a “tragedy”: guests blamed the bride and groom (video)

Gray posted a video on his TikTok account where he said he expected to see 88 people who accepted the invitation at the ceremony, but not even 40 people showed up. The video has been viewed more than 9 million times.

A young US girl named Gray invited 88 people, including her family, friends, and colleagues, to celebrate her wedding, but the ceremony hall was nearly empty when she was sworn in with her fiancé, Nix. This was reported by the Daily Star.

The woman created a spreadsheet with a list of all the guests and reserved a place where you can hold the party. However, the wedding ceremony was disrupted when she looked into the empty hall of the restaurant, where there were extremely few guests.

In a video posted on Gray’s personal TikTok page, he said that 88 people said yes, but 40 people did not even show up.

“Now I always feel like a bypassed child,” says the young bride.

In the caption, Gray stated that he and his fiancee sat in an empty room crying because they had to finish their marriage ceremony ahead of time.

“Nyx’s family broke up right after the photo shoot, my mom didn’t say a word to me until my dad pushed her,” she continued.

Most of those invited were the girl’s coworkers. They were very excited before the ceremony and talked to him for months about this important event.


I do not welcome :/

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Social media users sympathized with Gray, who offered to offer him an alternative wedding in the TikTok community.

“Let’s have another wedding! We’re all coming!” — wrote one of the social network users.

Previously Focus He wrote that the bride, who learned the groom’s secret before the wedding, almost fainted. She found her future husband in the toilet, where she was breastfed by her own mother.

It was reported that the bride died during the wedding, being replaced immediately by a younger sister. At the wedding ceremony, Hetal complained of dizziness and suddenly fainted. Doctors at the hospital only reported that the girl died. But the father of the deceased bride suggested that the groom play a holiday with his sister. He agreed.

Source: Focus


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