IQ higher than Einstein: 11-year-old girl plans to colonize Mars (photo)

Adhara Perez Sanchez was diagnosed with autism by doctors when she was three years old. But the girl graduated from elementary school at the age of 5, and only a year after junior high and high school. She is now getting a master’s degree, she.

Adhara Perez Sanchez, 11, from Mexico City, Mexico, who has a higher IQ than Einstein, is pursuing a master’s degree in engineering and hopes to one day become a NASA astronaut. The Daily Mail talks about it.

The girl grew up in a low-income family in the Tlahauc area and was often bullied at school because she was autistic. This diagnosis was made to him when he was three years old, after his speech deteriorated significantly.

Her relatives told Marie Claire Mexico magazine that she began isolating herself from society after several years of teacher indifference and classmates bullying that caused Adhara to change schools three times.

“The teachers weren’t very understanding. My daughter was withdrawn, she didn’t want to play with her classmates, she felt strange, different. She could be at school for a while, but then she couldn’t, she fell asleep. Her mother, Nayeli Sanchez, told the magazine, she didn’t want to do anything else. The baby was very depressed, people told her. she didn’t sympathize, she laughed at him.”

The woman realized that her daughter had already learned algebra and memorized the periodic table, but thought that the girl was bored by herself.

To help her daughter cope with her depression, she enrolled her in therapy and was soon advised to send her to the Center for Attention for Talent (CEDAT), a school for gifted children. There, it was confirmed that the girl’s IQ was a mind-blowing 162 – higher than that of Albert Einstein and his idol, Stephen Hawking, who had an IQ of 160.

Adhara first learned of Hawking when she visited one of her doctors, whose office was filled with pictures of the famous scientist.

“He was very clever, and with the help of his mind and the computer, he showed up,” the doctor told him.

According to Goalcast, she graduated from elementary school at the age of five, and graduated middle and high school a year later. The 11-year-old girl earned a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from CNCI University and is currently studying at the Mexican University of Technology in a master’s program in mathematics.

The girl hopes to one day get the attention of NASA and dreams of exploring Mars so that it will be possible to colonize this planet in the future. On Instagram, she usually appears in an outfit with a space company logo and a big smile on her face.

“I want to fly into space and colonize Mars. If you don’t like where you are, imagine where you want to be. I see myself at NASA, so it’s worth a try,” Adhara told reporters.

The girl hopes to continue her education at the University of Arizona, where she can study astrophysics. The university offered him a scholarship, but it was delayed due to visa issues.

When Adhara isn’t studying to be an astronaut, she works with the Mexican Space Agency to help other young girls love space exploration and math.

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Source: Focus


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