Ukrainian border guards “disappeared” and entered Romanian territory – media

An armed patrol of the State Border Guard Service was seen in the Vazerului valley area. According to Yulia Stan, spokesperson for the regional office of the patrol service, according to the agreement between the two countries, the border guards were sent back to Ukraine.

Three Ukrainian border guards chasing illegal immigrants accidentally crossed the border and arrived on Romanian territory. This was reported by the local edition of the Observator on June 18.

The incident occurred in the Vazeruluy valley region. Border guards armed with machine guns pursued refugees who had breached the Ukrainian border. Probably, due to bad weather, the security forces lost their way and accidentally entered the territory of a neighboring state.

At the request of the three Ukrainian citizens, the Romanian state took measures to ensure their protection by following special procedures, regional patrol service spokesperson Yulia Stan told reporters.

“Three Ukrainian citizens applied to the Romanian state requesting protection and special procedures will be applied in such cases. The Ukrainian crew returned in accordance with the legal provisions and the bilateral agreement between the two countries. To the Ukrainian side,” said Yulia Stan.

On 18 June, it was reported that two Russians had crossed the Gulf of Finland to seek political asylum in Finland. By law, they can no longer be held responsible for violating the border.

It should also be recalled that on June 15, Polish border guards reported that a few days ago, an unidentified shooter from Belarusian territory opened fire on them, damaging the mirror and glass of an official car.

Source: Focus


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