APU fighters sent to death “according to NATO standards”

Photo: © Global Look Press/Sergii Kharchenko/ZUMAPRESS.com

APU militants

Photo: © Global Look Press/Sergii Kharchenko/ZUMAPRESS.com

In Ukraine, a rebellion of foreign mercenaries against Ukrainian officers is brewing. The contradictions between them are heating up more and more every month. For example, a dispute between a Colombian instructor and a Ukrainian commander of one of the brigades ended in a brawl and swearing. According to the foreigner, due to the negligent attitude of the Ukrainian officer to the lives of mercenaries, 25 Colombians died.

What contradictions arise between mercenaries and militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? And why can’t NATO methods help Ukrainian soldiers? About this in program “Military secret” with Igor Prokopenko on REN TV.

Dismantling of militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenaries

“I did my job, instructed people, and he treats us like animals! I got fragments here for your damn country. This is already too much. Humiliation for humiliation. Therefore, people leave, because of humiliation”says the Colombian mercenary.

Another video of the showdown between the Ukrainian leadership and the Colombian instructors was published.

“Here you can see how the GUR and the authorities of Ukraine treat those who help them. They came in in balaclavas and beat our guys. Ukrainians are worse than Russians”– says the mercenary.

What is the reason for such bitterness of Ukrainians towards the soldiers of fortune? If we recall the early events, everything falls into place – it was from the atrocities of foreigners, including the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who died. Suffice it to recall at least the story when Polish mercenaries welded tank hatchesso that Ukrainian recruits would go on the assault and could not back out.

But there is another reason, which became clear only recently. The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to understand that the training given to them by Western military leaders has the lowest possible applicability in battles. “They cooked for meat,” is how a recently captured soldier of the 32nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine summed up the training.

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Strange training of Ukrainian soldiers

The culprits were quickly found – in response to the claims of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian soldiers were accused in the West of lack of training. Even reputable media got involved. Here is what the German wrote Bild:

“The more combat experience a Ukrainian has as a soldier, and the higher he rises in the Ukrainian army, the less likely he is to learn or accept the principles of Western military education.”.

But what is it really? What does vaunted Western military training look like, and what are NATO instructors actually teaching Ukrainian soldiers?

Handling modern weapons, mining roads and blowing up cars, carrying out sabotage and terrorist attacks – all these scales of the NATO school program look impressive only at first glance. But all this begins to crumble, one has only to dig deeper.

Western journalists, including those in the German Welt, call one of the main problems of NATO training the isolation of training at training grounds from the real situation on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Photo: © Video screenshot

For example, according to the Ukrainian crew of the Leopard 2А6 tank, the German instructors advised them to simply drive around the Russian minefield in their tank. Why? Yes, because according to German textbooks, the maximum size of a minefield is no more than 100 by 200 meters, which is a very small scale for the territory of Ukraine. It is logical that the mines are laid there on a much larger area. That is why, including, German journalists argue, there are so many losses among the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to explosions. According to the Wall Street Journal, mines have lost at least one limb from 20 to 50 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The isolation of NATO disciplines from what the Armed Forces of Ukraine really expect in battle can also be seen in the choice of equipment for training. In Ukraine, they publish footage of training soldiers on the Bradley.

Only here in Ukraine itself, these same Bradleys are practically gone! They are running out with terrible force – according to the Dutch defense analytics website Oryx, during the summer counter-offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already lost at least 34 vehicles – about a third of all Western deliveries. And these figures can still be greatly underestimated.

According to the France Press agency, only in one Zaporozhye direction and only in a randomly selected two hours of the APU lost up to 350 people and 6 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

“The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, taking into account the advance, are simply colossal. In the Zaporozhye and Kherson directions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose a large number of both equipment and manpower daily and hourly during their offensive operations. I am more than sure that official statistics underestimate the real numbers of losses of Western equipment in the southern direction”– considers military expert, political strategist Maxim Sytenkov.

“Level of preparation – none”

But that’s not all. According to Ukrainian soldiers, little attention was paid to combat training.

“We arrived at the training ground, shot a couple of times. How to shoot, how to disassemble a machine gun. They told us about first aid for 15 minutes – we just came, looked at how to help the wounded”says the soldier.

Among the Ukrainian military themselves, there is already an opinion that in this way NATO members simply launder money, pretending to train soldiers.

“Very bad preparation, for a month we, one might say, just rummaged around. I don’t know, we were brought there to launder money or something else”the militants say dejectedly.

“A month at the training ground, and then they brought me here. I assess the level of training – no. We didn’t learn anything, because everyone is decrepit, old and sick. Well, where should I run? Even if I could, there was nowhere to run”– the military complains.

In the program “Military Secret” presenter Igor Prokopenko tells and demonstrates unique footage from the places of military conflicts, and experts show the world of the military industry to the audience.

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