Orban demanded that the EU authorities respect the sovereignty of nations

Photo: © Global Look Press/Zhao Dingzhe/XinHua

Photo: © Global Look Press/Zhao Dingzhe/XinHua

The leadership of the European Union must respect the sovereignty of European nations and not treat member states as provinces. The corresponding statement was made by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

He noted that cooperation between European peoples, a common market, and combining each other’s strengths – all this can serve the interests of Hungary.

However, there is no need to create a superpower that views member states as “provinces”“, Orban said on HirTV.

According to him, the Hungarians do not need the current Brussels. Orban called on the EU authorities not to tell EU countries how they should live.

The prime minister emphasized that Hungary does not intend to leave the European Union, but wants to win the next elections to the European Parliament and exercise political control over Brussels.

Earlier, Orban declared the West’s naivety regarding the issue of isolating the Russian Federation.

Source: Ren


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