BLACKPINK’s Jungkook and Lisa ‘Happened’ Together and Share Something Special

Jungkook y Lisa comparten algo especial
Jungkook and Lisa share something specialCredits: Special

Jungkook and Lisa They are one of the most popular idols in K-Pop. Both perform in their groups as soloists, rappers and dancers. Also, BTS and BLACKPINK They are global K-Pop phenomena, so they both have something special.

Despite the fact that his fans staged a non-existent condemnation, Jungkook showed that he likes girls’ songs. Both groups have also achieved records and milestones never seen before in K-Pop. They also appear in romance rumors between its members.

The most recent was V with Jennyas photos of his trip to Jeju Island were allegedly circulated, but none of his agencies denied the news. Lisa from BLACKPINK She was also close with idols as she also traveled with Taehyung to Paris and recently shared something special with Jungkook.

Jungkook and Lisa excite their fans for this reason.

Lisa and Jungkook are maknahs of their respective groups, i.e. minors BTS and BLACKPINK. Despite their youth, they showed great talent in dancing, rapping and singing. But in addition to sharing this position, Now they have something special.

Lisa and Jungkook fans were excited and proud of their idols and they both made history at the 2022 MTV VMAs. Jungkook and Lisa They are the youngest and first solo idols to receive a nomination for their musical projects. Gonde Maknae for her collaboration with Charlie Puth, Left and Right and the rapper for her “LALISA”.

ARMY and BLINK separately celebrated this achievement because, being the youngest of their groups, they managed to earn a K-Pop nomination on their own. Both appear on the MTV list.

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