They postpone the hearing to find out Pablo Lyle’s sentence, and the actor’s sister reacts

Second time hearing to find out the verdict Paul Lyleso the actor will have to wait to find out how much time he will have to spend in prison after his convicted of manslaughter of Juan Ricardo HernandezA 63-year-old Cuban man who died in 2019 after being run over by an actor during a traffic accident in Miami, Florida.

After the Mexican actor’s defense demanded a new trial, Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez decided to postpone the hearing for the second time to announce Lyle’s sentencing.

According to journalist Ana Maria Alvarado, the legal team of the protagonist Mirreyes v. Godinez will be seeking a new trial because the jury that found him guilty would not have decided objectively because it was a matter that was in the public domain. opinion, in addition to requiring from the outset that it be held outside of Florida.

For these reasons, It will be until next November 28 when will the next hearing take place, when is it expected to finally be made public estimated time Pablo Lyle could spend in prisonwhich can result in a fine of up to 15 years.

After the cancellation of the court session on November 14 Sylvia Lyle, the actor’s sister, spoke for the first time to the media to show his support for the family of the deceased man.

“Today I just want to tell you that this experience was a very deep pain and a great tragedy for Mr. Hernandez’s family.who have always been in our prayers and in the prayers of Pablo, my brother, and for our family,” he said in front of the cameras of the “Despierta America” ​​program.

And he could not hold back his tears when he mentioned how difficult this process was both for the family of Juan Ricardo Hernandez and for all the people close to Pablo Laila.

“It has affected two families and all the people close to them and close to us, and today all I want to say is that… We feel, honor and deeply regret the pain of all and each of those involved,” he said.

Likewise, she was moved to thank for the love and respect with which this case was handled.

“God give us strength, compassion for all of us who go through this, to each of us who go through this, this life experience. Thank you for your accompaniment and for treating this matter with respect, respect for our family. Thank you,” he concluded.

Author: Rocio Garcia
Source: La Opinion


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