Andres Garcia could overcome another health crisis caused by pneumonia

The book “El Consentido de Dios” was written about him; It was said that he had more lives than a cat because he won the fight against cancer and even fired a few bullets. Today, Andres Garcia seems to have overcome another health crisis caused by pneumoniaas they report that their vital signs are excellent.

True to his reluctant nature, the 81-year-old actor has been the subject of several death-related rumors.

“The truth is that his body responded better than last year, despite the fact that He has an incurable disease that he has to deal with daily. degenerative cirrhosis of the liver, but that doesn’t stop him from resuming a bioseries project about his life with Yolanda Garza as producer.”

From the tranquility of El Paraiso, as his house in the port of Acapulco tells, the actor does not retreat, as he assures that everything is in order with age.

“At the age that I am now, keep in mind that I will already be 82 years old, because For my age I think I’m fine“He stated in a telephone interview a few days ago.

“His vital signs are excellent: I mean, he is very well oxygenated after suffering from such severe pneumonia as the one he had; he moves forward and lives life day by day,” explains Margherita Portillo, his wife, who takes care of him.

Author: Reform Agency
Source: La Opinion


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