The European version of SXSW “TOA 2024” will be held.In addition to the official program for participants from Japan, we also provide support for exhibitors.

Europe’s popular technology conference “TOA (Tech Open Air)” will be held for four days from June 4th to 7th, 2024, following on from 2023.

“TOA” started in Berlin, Germany in 2012. Its diverse approach to attracting innovators has earned it the nickname “Europe’s coolest tech conference.” Also known as the “European version of SXSW (South by Southwest),” it is a large-scale conference that business workers cannot miss.


In recent years, the event was forced to be canceled due to the effects of the new coronavirus, but it will be held in real life again in 2023. Infobahn, which has been an official partner in Japan since 2016, will also plan a local “TOA Certified Innovation Creation Program” as usual.

In addition to participating in Infobahn’s unique observation program and TOA conference, Infobahn CVO Hirohiro Kobayashi and Business Insider Japan’s deputy editor-in-chief Takashi Mitsumura, who have supported innovation in companies and local governments for many years, will accompany the tour.

In particular, Mitsumura, who has a proven track record as a science communicator, will provide explanations on topics related to science and space, including the field of deep tech, which has rapidly increased since 2023. Additionally, navigators such as Shusaku Hirota of Henge Inc., who is well versed in global innovation trends, and Hiroko Nakamura, who has been involved in raising awareness of gender and inclusion issues including femtech in Japan, will accompany the program.

The content is set in Berlin, which is home to a concentration of startups competing with Paris in the EU, to understand trends in alternative and essential innovation and to further enhance insight into business trends.

In the shadow of the rise of generative AI, advances in synthetic biology and climate tech are also remarkable. TOA will also introduce initiatives by governments and companies in response. . TOA allows you to experience first-hand the most cutting-edge innovation not only in Europe but around the world, and is sure to provide great hints for business people who have to make decisions without knowing the correct answer.


Furthermore, we will support not only this visit program but also further learning and practice after returning home, such as sharing original reports summarizing the tour and holding workshops for participants.

A preliminary briefing session for this program will be held online from 17:00 on Tuesday, February 27th. Click here to apply.

Details of the TOA-accredited Berlin Innovation Creation Program can be found here.

[Inspection schedule]

June 4th (Tuesday) to June 7th (Friday), 2024

– June 4th (Tuesday) and 7th (Friday): Infobahn’s original program (including cutting-edge multiple site visits, networking, workshops, etc.)
– Wednesday, June 5th and Thursday, June 6th: Participation in TOA conference (including wrap-up)

[Participation fee]

Plan (1) Innovation creation program

This is a program that combines observation elements with training, which includes TOA participation, Infobahn’s unique site visits, networking, workshops, and wrap-ups during TOA events.
This program includes a local guide/attendance (partially). In addition, since experts from various fields participate, one of the real pleasures is the exchange of knowledge among participating members. Recommended for those who want to gain a new perspective through TOA and Berlin’s real innovation trends.

Plan (2) Asia Hub@TOA

An exhibition area and special stage for startups from Asia will be opened at TOA. The Asia Hub will have a dedicated area where startups from Japan and East Asia can make their global debut and have English-language pitches (presentations) and joint exhibitions.


TOA serves as a place to create opportunities to connect closely with executives and innovators gathered from all over the world, allowing Japanese companies to exhibit at TOA, pitch (presentation) in English on stage, and sponsor various events and activities within TOA. We support.

Planning: Infoburn Co., Ltd.

Source: BusinessInsider


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