Tennis players made the boy cry with the ball and were disqualified from Roland Garros

An unusual episode occurred at the end of the day this Sunday in the third round of the women’s doubles in Roland Garros, when the couple formed Miyu Kato and Aldila Sutjiadi was eventually disqualified from the tournament for tips hit the boy on the ball during the match before Sarah Sorribes Tormo and Marie Bouzkova.

Everything fell into place in the second set, the European pair took the first score 7-6 (1). The Asians were leading 3-1, but after the rebound essenceadi what is left on the net Kato he took the ball and hit it with his left hand to send it to the other side of the court, which is very common in any category of tennis.

What is devastating about this fact is that the tennis player was unfortunate enough that the ball hit the side of the girl with the ball in the neck, despite her reflexes and attempts to avoid the blow. The young woman was assisted by the judge, and although the situation did not escalate, she was full of drama due to her uncontrollable crying.

Katohaving already received a warning (warning) was worried about the condition of the girl and approached her with an apology. The match was delayed for several minutes. The duo waited in their seats, waiting for the match to resume, but the referees decided to disqualify them after a discussion that lasted almost 10 minutes.


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Why were they disqualified?

There is a clause in the regulations called “Ball Violation” and it sets out the parameters for action in cases like today’s in Roland Garros. “Players must not violently, dangerously or in anger hit, kick or throw a tennis ball while on the playing court of a tournament, except for one point in a match (including warm-up).”stated in the article in section 8.

“For the purposes of this rule, misuse of the ball is defined as hitting the ball intentionally or recklessly outside the fairgrounds, hitting the ball dangerously or carelessly on the green, or hitting the ball without regard to consequences. Violation of this section is subject to a fine of up to $350 per violation. In addition, if such an infraction occurs during a match, the player will be penalized in accordance with the Penalty Points Schedule.”

Miyu Kato and Aldila Sutjiadi during the tournament. Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images).


In that US Open 2020last Grand slam tournaments season, Serbian Novak Djokovic He had a similar situation when he was disqualified for throwing the ball, which hit the referee in the face during a match against Pablo Carreno Bautista.

Disqualification decision directly granted a pass to the couple Sorribes-Buzkovawho reached the quarterfinals, where they will meet with the Australian Ellen Perez and American Nicole Melikar Martinez.

Author: Alfredo Di Cesare
Source: La Opinion


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