Starlink plans to offer satellite internet to aircraft from 2023

Starlink has announced that it plans to offer satellite internet service to aircraft starting in 2023.. The company has indicated that they hope to offer high-speed connectivity to aircraft wherever they are.
At the moment booking for the service is limited to those persons who have a private jetbecause currently there is no agreement with any commercial airline.

“Thanks to Starlink, passengers will be able to access high-speed Internet with low latency from the moment they board the plane,” the company said in a statement.

They indicated that with this service will be able to provide connection speeds up to 350 Mbps to each aircraft, which will allow passengers to make video calls without problems. They add that another benefit is that the aircraft’s route or location will not matter, it will always stay connected thanks to the global coverage provided by the Starlink satellite constellation, which guarantees uninterrupted operation.

“The low-profile Starlink air terminal is equipped with an electronically controlled phased array antenna, which provides a new level of reliability, redundancy and performance,” they explain.

Concerning installation of the antenna on the aircraft indicate that this can be done in a very short time due to the simplified design of the device This helps make the process as fast as possible. Likewise, they say it also helps with their maintenance, coupled with the regular inspections that every aircraft must undergo.

It should be clarified that this service is aimed at a very exclusive audience, as evidenced by its price of $150,000 per unit., which comes with a power supply and two wireless access points. Speaking of Starlink Aviation monthly plans will cost between $2,500 and $25,000..

Despite all this, the jump in speed that Starlin promises is significant. airplanes currently typically have connections between 100 and 150 Mbps.which means a connection speed of only 15 Mbps for each passenger.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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