SpaceX has created a secure version of Starlink for government agencies: spy satellites and more

As part of the Starshield project, Elon Musk’s company will provide governments with its own satellites and install communications equipment for foreigners.

American company SpaceX, founded by billionaire Elon Musk, is launching a new Starshield service based on Starlink satellite Internet that provides secure communications for government agencies. Details are disclosed on the official website.

Starlink already provides end-to-end encryption for user data, but Starshield will receive “additional highly secure cryptographic capabilities” to securely process and transfer sensitive data between government agencies. SpaceX writes that it is currently working with the US Department of Defense and other government agencies.

Starshield offers three main applications:

  • Observation of the Earth from space – satellites with sensors on them collect, process and send data to the user;
  • Communication — the equipment will provide reliable and secure communication between customers;
  • Payload docking – satellites will place various equipment into orbit.

For the new project, SpaceX will launch additional satellites that can be equipped with various equipment (payloads) at the request of customers. In addition, the company plans to install inter-satellite laser transmitters on co-satellites – they will be included in the Starshield network after they enter orbit.

According to Extreme Tech, Starshield will allow “spy satellites” to be launched. SpaceX will benefit greatly from Falcon 9 rockets approved to carry classified payloads for the US government. Although much of its technology is subject to the International Arms Trade Regulations (ITAR), a US regulatory system that restricts exports of defense and military technology, the company may offer Starshield to other countries in addition to Washington. Thus, SpaceX will not be able to offer Starshield to countries that are hostile to the USA, such as Russia and China.

Earlier we wrote about the increase in tariffs for Starlink services in Ukraine. Due to problems with mobile networks, SpaceX’s satellite Internet cost has almost doubled.

Source: Focus


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