WhatsApp update will allow you to recover deleted messages

WhatsApp has unveiled a new update to its messaging app in which it has revealed a new feature that will allow users to recover messages that were deleted by mistake in a chat.

This new feature allows a person to undo deleting a message in a private or group chat.l before 5 seconds. However This will only be available to people who have selected the “delete just for me” option..

In cases where the user has selected the delete message button for all participants in the conversation, he will not be able to restore the information, since it will again be unavailable.

The steps required to use the message recovery feature are very simple. First the person must select the message in question and click the “delete just for me” button.

Doing it At the bottom of the screen there will be a button labeled “Cancel” that will be visible for 5 seconds.. At this time, the user will have to press the button, because in case there is not enough time (which is not displayed on the screen).

for what could be known The feature has been under testing since mid-August in beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.. However, the feature is only now starting to roll out to other users as part of a new update.

These long periods of time between the testing phase and the official launch of a feature are relatively normal, since during this time the application developers work to improve its operation so that no errors occur during its global implementation.

In some cases even It may happen that a feature or tool that is in the WhatsApp beta phase will never appear in the stable version of the application. either because it doesn’t fit the intended purpose, or because the company feels that now is not the right time to include it.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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