Ground robot Taurus is equipped with an aerial drone: What can this duo do?

The autonomous Taurus is designed to operate in the harshest conditions, and the heavy-duty DrN-15 helicopter makes it an even more versatile vehicle.

ST Engineering introduced the Taurus unmanned ground vehicle equipped with a multi-rotor drone at the Singapore Airshow. According to Defense News, the new product can be used in surveillance, evacuation of wounded from the battlefield, logistics transportation and loading-unloading operations.

The wheeled robot is controlled remotely. For loading and unloading operations, engineers will equip the platform with a robotic arm. The official website of the developer states that the Taurus autonomous transport vehicle is a platform with centralized control and serves as a universal tool for surveillance, logistics and transportation of materials in various conditions, even extreme conditions such as environmental disasters. The ability to be towed with regenerative charging while on the move optimizes the energy efficiency of the fleet.

Taurus’ ground-based drone is paired with the company’s DrN-15 multi-rotor drone, which can fly beyond line of sight. The surveillance function also belongs to the UAV.

In fully electric mode, the Taurus can cover distances of approximately 30 km, despite the car’s weight of 1599 kg. According to a representative of the development company, the ground boot can also work with the four-wheel drive infantry fighting vehicle Terrex s5, which was also introduced at the fair. He added that there was no order for the Taurus yet – engineers created this model in the hope that representatives of the military or other departments would like it.


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According to the company, Taurus offers customizable modularity and mobility through technology integration for enhanced adaptability.

We have previously written about what Ukraine’s land-based unmanned aerial vehicle “GNOM” can do. The 50-kilogram robotic platform silently delivers ammunition to the army, monitors the enemy from a distance of 5 kilometers, and carries the wounded away from the battlefield.

Source: Focus


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