“Ziguet with the Ukrainian Nazis”: Meladze wants to be deprived of citizenship

The artist had responded with “Heroes of Glory” to the “Victory to Ukraine” salute at a concert he gave in Dubai the previous day.

Russian singer Valery Meladze, 57, is scheduled to be stripped of his citizenship due to his response to ‘Heroes of Glory’ in Dubai. Russian Senator Elena Afanasyeva writes this on her Telegram channel.

State Duma deputy Sergei Mironov also came up with an attempt to respond. They propose to deprive the musician of Georgian descent from all titles. According to Mironov, a “real Russian artist” cannot and should not act like this.

“He is sitting in two chairs, trying to” grab “from all sides. It’s time to decide. However, judging by his behavior, this” artist “chose his side. I propose to deprive Meladze of all titles that he holds. He will be honest and fair,” said Sergei Mironov.

By the way, Elena Afanasyeva offered to take Russian citizenship from Meladze.

“At a time when our citizens are dying for the Russians, defending Russian land, some allow them to zigzag with the Ukrainian Nazis,” Afanasyeva said on the telegraph channel.

It should be noted that on February 24, 2022, Valery Meladze recorded an anti-war call in his social networks, but no active pro-Ukrainian position was noticed behind the singer.

We will remind you that Valery Meladze drank a glass for Ukraine and answered the greeting “thank you Ukraine”.

same Focus Valery Meladze wrote about the “black list” on Russian radio stations, which included songs by Alla Pugacheva, Lady Gaga and other artists supporting Ukraine.

Source: Focus


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