A woman who brought a raccoon to a bar in North Dakota faces criminal prosecution; the animal was sacrificed

Erin Christensen, 38, of Maddock, is charged with offenses of giving false information to law enforcement, falsifying physical evidence and illegal possession of fur.

A woman brought a wild raccoon to a bar in North Dakota and forced state health officials to issue a rabies exposure warning, he faces criminal prosecution.

According to the authorities, a woman entered an establishment with a raccoon, while bartender Cindy Smith said she was serving drinks at Maddock Bar last week when a local brought in an animal during happy hour.

Smith said he immediately asked the woman to leave, but she led the raccoon through the bar to show it to another patron. The woman finally left with the animal after about five minutes.

Christensen was arrested last week after authorities found her and a raccoon while executing multiple search warrants in Maddock. and its surroundings.

Christensen said his family found the raccoon on the side of the road about three months ago and named him Rocky. She said they are treating the animal and plan to release it into the wild.

According to the laws of the North Dakota Animal Health Board, it is illegal to own a wild raccoon. Authorities euthanized the animal and it tested negative for rabies.

Rabies is a viral infection that affects mammals, including humans. In an alert issued last Tuesday, the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services is asking anyone who has been bitten or exposed to raccoon saliva to seek medical attention.

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