Woman bequeathed to coffin with M&M’s, wish granted (photo)

Relatives of the woman came to the funeral with T-shirts and caps with pictures of “talking sweets”.

American Mary Martin willed to be buried in a coffin resembling the famous candy M&Ms. She made this decision thanks to her students who gave her chocolates with her initials for many years. Esquire reports.

According to her relatives, during her 30 years of teaching, students constantly bring M&Ms and small M&Ms to Mary Martin, and Mary Martin has amassed a large collection.

“Grandma, you can sleep peacefully now. I love you. You’re right, we all liked your coffin,” wrote her granddaughter on social networks.

Family members wore a variety of T-shirts and mascot picture hats. The coffin was decorated with nine red roses, two M&M hats (one red and one green), and assorted chocolates, each decorated with the names of the deceased’s six children, grandchildren, and friend. At the same time, the M&Ms’ eyes are closed and their hands are crossed on their bellies, suggesting that this is an image of the deceased.

remember before Focus He wrote that the retirees stayed at the hotel free of charge for 2 years, but were caught. Now the management of the institution is asking the man about 145 thousand euros for housing and more than 92 thousand euros for additional services.

It was reported that the father of two children was also paralyzed after eating the favorite food. A casual meal at a favorite restaurant ended in an almost fatal fate for a man.

Source: Focus


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