The Minister of Defense of Ukraine asked Santa Claus for fighters and armored vehicles

Photo: © US Transportation Command/Oz Suguitan/Handout via REUTERS

Photo: © US Transportation Command/Oz Suguitan/Handout via REUTERS

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said that he asked Santa Claus for the New Year. According to the minister, in the letter he indicated fighter jets without fail.

“I also asked for new armored vehicles such as Bradley, Spartan, Mastiff”he added, giving an interview to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Reznikov also commented on the situation with the receipt of American Patriot air defense systems. The head of the Ministry of Defense said that the complexes have not yet been brought, but this will definitely be done, and Ukrainian fighters are already undergoing appropriate training.

“It is thanks to them (ZRK. – Approx. REN TV) we will protect heaven. And on the ground we will have Leopard (German tanks. – Approx. REN TV)– he said.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine “distinguished himself” again. In the video, which was actively spread around the Web, Reznikov got out of the Leopard tank and asked in Polish how to get to Moscow. For this, users ridiculed the politician, and some asked “how much such a joke cost the American taxpayer.”

Source: Ren


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