Denmark reports unidentified object near Nord Stream 2

Photo: © DEA

Photo: © DEA

The Danish Ministry of Defense has reported an unidentified cylindrical object found near the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea. The find was reported on March 23 by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

“The object is cylindrical, about 40 centimeters high and 10 centimeters in diameter. It is possible that this is a marine smoke buoy. The issue will be studied further.”– reported in the Danish Ministry of Defense.

DEA experts believe that the object does not pose a threat, but the Danish authorities decided to remove the cylinder from the water.

Sabotage at Nord Stream

The Nord Stream gas pipelines were attacked on September 26 last year. Germany, Denmark and Sweden admitted that there was a deliberate sabotage. At the same time, Russia was not allowed to participate in the investigation for a long time. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said that what happened is an act of international terrorism, in which the Anglo-Saxons are involved.

Compensation for damage to Nord Stream was estimated at 17 billion euros. On the fact of the incidents in Russia, a criminal case was opened on the commission of an act of international terrorism.

In January, Seymour Hersh published an article describing an investigation into the explosions at the Nord Stream gas pipelines. In his material, the journalist indicated that the United States had carried out the sabotage, and personally the American President Joe Biden gave the corresponding order. In an exclusive interview REN TV Hersh confirmed the authenticity of his investigation and noted that he considers his article one of the best among those published by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

On March 7, The New York Times published an article stating that the United States had new intelligence about the Nord Stream sabotage. According to this information, a certain pro-Ukrainian group was involved in the explosion, the activities of which in Kyiv could not even be suspected.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called the version of the involvement of “Ukrainian activists” nonsense, stressing that the technological power of the state was used to carry out the undermining, and the operation itself was carried out by specialists.

Source: Ren


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