Dollar price: how much today May 17 in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Venezuela

The dollar starts today’s session higher against the Mexican peso, it strengthens and trades at 17.61 pesos per dollar. However, the Mexican currency has strengthened since the beginning of the week. Today, the average purchase price is 17.63 pesos and the average sale is 17.66 pesos.

In Honduras, the US dollar is again showing a downtrend against the lempira today. Trading at 24.57 lempira per dollar, the average bid and ask price is between 24.10 and 25.03 lempira per dollar, respectively.

dollar in Nicaragua today it remains negative and trades at 36.56 cords per dollar.. When buying and selling, the price is between 36.10 and 37.02 cordobas per dollar.

The dollar in Costa Rica continues to decline, and today’s price is 533.82 colones per dollar. For sale and purchase from 520.90 to 546.75 colones per dollar.

In the Dominican Republic, the price of the dollar, although declining, retains a positive trend. The price today is 54.52 pesos per dollar; for buying and selling, the average varies between 53.78 and 55.26 Dominican pesos per dollar.

In Venezuela, the dollar shows no movement today, but is close to 26 bolivars per dollar.. The average price is 25.71 bolivars per dollar. In terms of buying and selling, the trend remains positive and the average price is 25.58 and 25.84 bolivars per dollar, respectively.

Follow the movement of the dollar price during the exchange day in real time against other emerging currencies.. Follow the trend of the US currency according to international markers and local banks:
Mexico real-time exchange rate
Honduras real-time exchange rate
Nicaragua real-time dollar value
Costa Rica real-time dollar value
Dominican Republic real-time exchange rate
Venezuela: real-time dollar price

To send money from the US, compare prices and check the exchange rate every minute. Consider the fees of different money transfer companies: Compare money transfers from the USA.

The trend of cryptocurrencies is choppy today, while bitcoin and ethereum show numbers in red. XRP, Cardano and Dogecoin stand out among the cryptocurrencies that have risen in the last 24 hours.. Follow the price of cryptocurrency in real time.
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