REN TV will tell you in which country people drive toasters on wheels

Photo: © splash

Photo: © splash

In Dubai, it seems they want to bring to life the pictures from the movie “The Fifth Element”. Some time ago, the UAE authorities announced that they plan to launch flying taxis by 2026.

For this unusual transport, it is planned to build two launch pads. They want to be located right next to the Dubai airport.

Air taxi prices are expected to be in the range of limousine rides in the city or slightly higher. In other words, flying taxi passengers will pay 30 percent more than regular taxi passengers.

And what else will the urban transport of the future look like? In which country do they drive toasters on wheels? Where is the flying subway and the underwater train? Details about this and much more – in the program “Science and Technology” with the host Mikhail Borzenkov. The science blockbuster will air on Sunday, May 28 at 10:30 am on REN TV.

Source: Ren


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