Man who kidnapped and killed 2-year-old girl in Michigan faces life in prison or death penalty

A few days ago, authorities reported the discovery of the body of a two-year-old girl who went missing for several days in Michigan. The man responsible for her death, who turned out to be her mother’s ex-boyfriend, faces federal charges of kidnapping and murder.

This was announced by the US Attorney for the Western District of Michigan. Rashad Trice, 26, of Detroit, was charged with kidnapping and kidnapping resulting in death.

Accusation of kidnapping resulting in death carries a mandatory life sentence if convicted and eligible for the death penaltyfederal prosecutors said.

“The allegations in this case are heartbreaking. My thoughts are with the Winter family as we all pray for his safe return home,” said U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan Mark Totten.

The man was held without bail after his arrest by local authorities.

Trice, who is currently facing state and federal charges in connection with the incident, had stormy quarrel over money with an ex-girlfriend in the women’s apartment in Lansing on the night of July 2.

“In self-defence, the ex-girlfriend stabbed Trice, who then stabbed the complainant several times and raped her. After that, the applicant left the residence, ”says the complaint, cited by ABC News.

The woman fled to her mother’s apartment in the same complex, leaving behind a one-year-old boy she shares with Trice and a two-year-old girl who was not her daughter. In addition, according to the complaint, she informed the Lansing police that she had been attacked.

When the police arrived at her apartment, the one-year-old child was there, but Trice and 2-year-old Winter Cole-Smith are missing.

Police say they discovered that Trice had taken his ex-girlfriend’s white Chevrolet Impala, so Winter was issued an Amber Alert in the early hours of July 3 with a description of the car.

Trice drove up to the St. Clair Shores area of ​​Michigan, where an officer identified the Impala from Amber Alert on the morning of July 3. After, crashed a car after trying to escape the police and then tried to disarm the officer before being arrestedaccording to the complaint.

When the FBI searched the car, they found a “significant” amount of blood and a pink cell phone charging cable.

After a day of searching Winter’s body was found in a Detroit alleyway on July 5 with marks showing he had been strangled with a charging cable.. However, according to the complaint, the final report of the forensic medical examination is still pending.

Before the girl was found dead, Trice appeared in court on July 5 in Ingham County on multiple state charges related to “severe physical and sexual abuse” that allegedly occurred on July 2 at the apartment.

At the time, he was charged with assault with intent to kill, criminal sexual assault, trespassing and false imprisonment, the Ingham County Attorney said. In addition, he has been charged as the fourth common violent offender and is due to appear in court on July 13 at a pre-trial conference with good cause.

“As this investigation moves from a missing persons investigation to a homicide investigation, our office supports the efforts of our state and federal law enforcement partners to hold those responsible for Winter’s death accountable for their actions,” the Ingham County District Attorney said. John Devane. .

Author: Erica Hernandez
Source: La Opinion


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