Poland may stop helping Ukraine due to grain conflict

Photo: © Global Look Press/Jens Buttner/dpa

Photo: © Global Look Press/Jens Buttner/dpa

Poland may stop supporting Ukraine if the majority of the public is against it due to the grain conflict. This was stated by the Minister of European Affairs of the Republic Shimon Shinkovsky vel Senk.

According to him, according to polls, Ukraine’s actions make a negative impression on Polish public opinion.

“The lack of public support for assistance to Ukraine to the extent that there has been so far will lead to its limitation,” – the minister said in a conversation with RAR.

He emphasized that in order to provide assistance to Ukraine, the Polish authorities must have the support of their citizens, otherwise they are powerless.

Earlier it was reported that Kyiv and Warsaw started an “agrarian war” due to a possible Polish ban on the import of Ukrainian grain.

The “saga around Ukrainian grain” has been going on between countries for more than six months. According to journalists, the roots of the “grain of discord” go back to the spring of 2023, when Polish farmers went on strike amid a drop in prices for Polish grain by almost half due to the influx of cheap Ukrainian grain into the country.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Poland, by its resolution, banned the import of grain from Ukraine after September 15, regardless of the decision of the European Commission. On September 12, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Poland would not allow Ukrainian grain to enter the market, despite the decision of the European Union.

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