A real actor: A tourist faked a heart attack 20 times to avoid paying for his meal

The man was given two fines for breaking the law. The amounts were small but he refused to pay. As a result, he was sentenced to 42 days in prison. But the story didn’t end there.

A 50-year-old Lithuanian faked a heart attack in at least 20 restaurants in Spain to avoid paying the bill. The Sun reports this.


They were allowed to drop everything: A man received a large sum of money as a result of a banking error (photo)

The name of the tourist was not disclosed. After the infamous series of “lunch and dinner theatres” he was jailed for failure to pay two fines. The man gave a truly dramatic performance in almost all establishments, most of which are located on the Costa Blanca. Among the organizations he defrauded were El Buen Comer and Sale&Pepe in Alicante.

The tourist pulled the same trick: he pretended to lose consciousness and slid to the ground. According to one of the duped restaurant owners, the Lithuanian drank several glasses of White Label whiskey and ate an Olivier salad before faking an attack.

Shortly after the hoax was revealed, the man’s photo was distributed to many organizations. An employee of one of the restaurants noted that almost everyone received a warning to be careful and not to serve this person.

The Lithuanian was later given two fines for violating the law. The amounts were small, but the man refused to pay. As a result, he was sentenced to 42 days in prison. Now the restaurant owners plan to file a joint complaint that could land him in prison for up to two years.

Previously Focus It reported that a professional baker claimed that people were not storing bread properly. The chef noted the most common mistakes, due to which the product quickly becomes stale and moldy.

It was also learned that a tourist who was angry about the bill at the restaurant called the police. The woman contacted law enforcement, saying they were not informed about the price of the meal.

Source: Focus


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