Treasury maintains tax credit for diesel at 100%

Credits: Quartoscuro

This was announced by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP). will keep 100 percent for diesel incentive for a special tax on products and services (IESP); While for gasoline magna will apply a slight increase Nonetheless allowance.

According to the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) next Saturday, September 24, and until Friday, September 29, excellent gasoline (with an octane rating less than 91) will have a slight increase in fiscal stimulus from 75.66 percentagainst 73.36 percent the previous week.

Magna Gasoline will have a slight increase in fiscal stimulus from 75.66%. Photo: Spec.

Thus, consumers will have to pay for excellent gasoline 1.33 pesos per liter.

From my side, premium gasoline (equal to or greater than 91 octane) will have cut to fiscal stimulus because he gets 57.73 percentwhich is down from the 60.69 percent approved last week.

For this premium gasoline, more than octane number 91drivers have to pay 1.96 pesos per liter.

As for additional incentives, only diesel fuel will receive fiscal support. However, the Ministry of Finance also cut this support and reduced it from 1.76 pesos per liter to 0.34 pesos per liter.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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