Volochkova demands millions for a leaky roof: “This is a museum piece”

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Ramil Sitdikov

The Dzerzhinsky District Court of St. Petersburg is going to consider the claim of Anastasia Volochkova against the management company, which admitted that there was a leak in the ballerina’s apartment. According to Volochkova, the incident resulted in multimillion-dollar expenses, since the apartment itself is a “museum piece.” Attended the court session REN TV.

The ballerina demands three and a half million rubles from the management company to compensate for the actual damage caused to the dwelling as a result of the flood, and another 100 thousand rubles for moral damage.

“I came to my native, pleasant city of St. Petersburg on purpose. The apartment has been owned for more than ten years. Despite the fact that I have not lived in St. Petersburg since 2003, I regularly paid for all utilities. As a result, there was a leak due to management company, everything in the apartment was spoiled.For me, this apartment is very expensive, as a value of human nature, not material!This is a real museum exhibitat,” Volochkova said at a court hearing.

According to the woman, this is not the first accident that occurred in the apartment. Previously, the leak happened in 2018, and Volochkova was forced to repair the affected premises at her own expense. Now she wants the management company to return the money spent.

“The amount of damage was established. I spent more on restoration! Other neighbors were afraid to go to court, although everyone has questions about the activities of the management companyx,” Volochkova said with tears.

The last leak occurred on September 4th. The representative of the Criminal Code, with which Volochkova is suing, stressed that the case materials contain an assessment of damage, but “there is no causal relationship.” The management company believes that the cause of the flood in the ballerina’s apartment could be both weather conditions and roof repairs.

The consequences of the leak were seen by the plaintiff’s witness Vitaly Popov. He was the first to see what Volochkova’s apartment had become.

“We came to air, we see that there is water all over the floor. All this went through three rooms. The walls were destroyed, there was mold on them, the window openings swelled. The traces of the leak were fresh, and we called the plumber. was from the roof– Popov told the court.

The management company confirmed that, according to the plumber, the cause of the flood in Volochkova’s apartment was not a neighbor living on the floor above, but a leak from the roof.

It is worth noting that earlier there was information that the same management company was suing Volochkova in court. According to their version, the ballerina owes 650 thousand for utilities.

Source: Ren


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