360,000 lines canceled due to Rakuten Mobile “0 yen plan abolition”, the long-awaited platinum band service will start in 2024

Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and President, from the archived video of the financial results briefing for the third quarter of fiscal 2022.

2023 is likely to be a “critical moment” for Rakuten Mobile (although I say it every year).

The company has set a goal of becoming profitable in 2023, and has only one year left.

I would like to think about the future of the company based on the materials of the financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022 held by the Rakuten Group on November 11 and related interviews.

“360,000 line cancellations” due to the abolition of 0 yen, while income will increase

Acquisition of contracts

Rakuten Mobile has been canceling users since May, but “currently, the number of cancellations has stabilized.”

Rakuten Mobile announced a new rate plan “Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII” that abolished 0 yen for 1 GB or less in May. Since then, the mass exodus of users has been unstoppable.

In fact, about 4.91 million contracts were acquired in the first quarter, but the most recent data (third quarter) is about 4.55 million. In other words, he looks like he lost about 360,000 contracts.

As Rakuten Mobile, it seems that it was a speculation that “I want to cut users who are aiming for zero yen that does not lead to profits.”In fact, not only zero-yen users but also users for main lines using data communication and telephone may have leaked considerablyis high.

A certain MVNO (virtual mobile telecommunications operator that provides cheap SIM) executives talks about user movements related to Rakuten Mobile as follows.

“I thought that there would be an increase in price plans that are close to zero yen for the purpose of maintaining the line,Unexpectedly, Rakuten mobile users who want a plan with voice came.

The number of users has been steadily increasing not only immediately after Rakuten Mobile announced in May, but also since October.”

Also, NTT Docomo President Motoyuki Ii“When I thought economy MVNOs would grow, the number of users of ahamo unexpectedly increased.”commented.

The loss of 360,000 subscribers, including users who pay money, is a considerable loss for Rakuten Mobile, but it can only be interpreted as “the pus has been drained”.


ARPU is also changing.

According to the latest data, the cancellation rush has calmed down, and the net additions have been picking up in November.

As a matter of fact, the campaign for the transition to the new rate plan, such as cashback and point granting, has ended, and all users are charged.

This willEarnings structure improved at a stretch as users began to pay at least 1078 yen per monthdo.

Looking at the ARPU (average unit revenue per subscriber), which was actually released for the first time this time, it was 453 yen in the third quarter of 2021, but has risen to 1472 yen in the third quarter of 2022. .

Now that the Zero Yen Plan has finally come to an end, ARPU is likely to improve all at once.

Roaming connection charges to KDDI tend to shrink

Group-wide earnings

Looking at the earnings of the entire group, it seems that the mobile business is holding back.

Looking at the Rakuten Group as a whole, the consolidated financial results for the period from January to September 2022 show a net loss of 258 billion yen (a loss of 103.9 billion yen in the same period of the previous year), and Rakuten Mobile, which is in the red due to the increase in capital investment, is a foothold. There is no doubt that it is pulling the

Another reason for the deficit as Rakuten Mobile is the payment of roaming connection charges to KDDI, but it seems that this is also shrinking as the company’s area expands.

President Shunsuke Yazawa”If you look at the area map, you can see that roaming is concentrated in the suburbs. We expect 10,000 stations to be on air in the future.”Shows confidence in expanding its own area.

Roaming charges to KDDI, etc.

Roaming charges paid to KDDI are decreasing.

In fact, by September 2022, the installation of 50,000 base stations nationwide will be completed. The population coverage rate has achieved 97.9%.

According to Rakuten Mobile, the application rate for Rakuten Mobile has reached 10.1% in Tokyo’s 23 wards, which have a high population coverage rate.

It seems that the higher the population coverage rate, the better the user acquisition situation, and it is essential to improve the population coverage rate in terms of acquiring new subscribers.

Source: BusinessInsider


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