Mitsui Fudosan has released a “theme park” where you can enjoy apparel surplus inventory.Open next to Kisarazu Outlet on June 8th

KISARAZU CONCEPT STORE to open on June 8th.

Mitsui Fudosan will open KISARAZU CONCEPT STORE, a place to create a new cycle of clothing, on land adjacent to Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu (Chiba Prefecture).

It is a “clothing theme park” that provides a sustainable shopping experience focusing on surplus inventory and upcycling in response to the issues of the fashion industry, which has a large environmental impact.

Prior to the opening on June 8, 2023, the entire facility was released to the press.

A New Consumption Place for Oversupplied Apparel

Entrance of KISARAZU CONCEPT STORE. The original character

Entrance of KISARAZU CONCEPT STORE. The original character “PUTONs” is a facility guide.

“We turned our attention to the fashion industry’s problem of having a large amount of excess inventory of products, and launched the Kisarazu concept store project as an approach to solving the problem.Changing the cycle of mass consumption and mass productionI hope that it will be an opportunity to create one for

Saidai Shimbo of Mitsui Fudosan, who is in charge of the project, explained the reason for creating the facility.

According to data from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the size of the domestic apparel market will grow from 14.7 trillion yen in 1991 to 10.4 trillion yen in 2019.decreased by about 30%. On the other hand, the number of items supplied domestically will increase from about 2 billion items in 1990 to about 4 billion items in 2019.doubling. There is an oversupply.

The Kisarazu concept store aims to be a new place of consumption that solves the excess inventory problem in the fashion industry.

The facility is built on a site of approximately 7,300 square meters next to the outlet. The building is characterized by a factory-like sawtooth roof. In the facility with a total floor area of ​​3000 square meters, “Shining light on non-standard or dead stock clothesThere are clothes and fashion accessories from apparel brands that agree with the concept of “.

A wide range of brands from casual to luxury, such as UNITED ARROWS, SHIPS, X-girl, MICHAEL KORS, and Ralph Lauren, will provide products as “brand partners.”All surplus stock is new and priced atAbout a quarter of the list priceIt’s a bargain.

Feel like a treasure hunt in a maze-like store

Enter through a revolving bar. The entrance fee is 300 yen.

Enter through a revolving bar. The entrance fee is 300 yen.

The inside of the store.

The inside of the store.

The facility incorporates various mechanisms different from ordinary apparel stores and outlet stores, making it possible to enjoy shopping like a theme park.

First of all, after passing through the entrance gate, carts are lined up like a food supermarket. In a normal apparel store, it is common to try on a few carefully selected items, but at the facility, it is recommended to “put the items you are interested in in the basket first.”

It is said that the aim is to have a lot of points to try on and enjoy wearing clothes itself.

The product layout is divided into five areas according to taste and category. Partitions and noren curtains are installed here and there, creating a maze-like structure that dares not show the whole picture. Inventory changes rapidly, and the collection of once-in-a-lifetime dead stock items makes it feel like a treasure hunt.

There are 4 fitting areas. It is larger than a typical fitting room, and is designed to be used by friends and family. The five fitting rooms in the fitting area on the second floor are lit up in blue, yellow, and other colors. You can enjoy trying on clothes under the production as if you were in the spotlight.

“Sales created by customers”

“Open stock” is the display of items returned by customers after trying them on.

In the area called “open stock”, “products selected by customers” will be gathered after opening. It is said that they will display products that have been put in the cart once but returned without purchasing.

“When I am shopping, I think that the product that the customer next to me was looking at might be of interest to me. I think it will be a space that is easy to eat.” (Mitsui Fudosan representative)

While devising the ingenuity of the store, the customer service was kept to a minimum so that visitors could enjoy themselves freely.

The café attached to the facility and the food sales corner also incorporate sustainable elements.

With Kuradasi, an e-commerce company that reduces food loss, as a store partner, the cafe menu will offer smoothies made with surplus citrus fruits from a good harvest and plum lemonade made with non-standard plums.

Part of the cafe menu. We also offer menus that make use of surplus food and non-standard items.

Part of the cafe menu. We also offer menus that make use of surplus food and non-standard items.

Source: BusinessInsider


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