Editor’s note: The danger of deniers

We are in the third year of Joe Biden’s presidency, following the defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 election and his efforts to reverse the results and retain power.

In the midterm elections last November, the “electoral conspiracy movement” was defeated at the polls. Contrary to many predictions, the Democrats retained their majority in the Senate. The candidates who built their campaign on the fable of electoral fraud lost.

However, the myth of fraud, invented by Trump back in 2016 in case of his defeat by Hillary Clinton (and he was not), not only survives. It’s expanding.

Election deniers have changed the country’s political landscape. We cannot ignore this because they are plotting against the state itself.

One small example: Rural Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, had a 2020 ballot recount last week. Under pressure from conspiracy theorists, 28 clerks manually counted 60,000 ballots. The work took 560 hours. The results have not changed.

Wes Allen, Secretary of State of Alabama, just removed his state from the bipartisan Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which is successfully updating voter rolls. In July, his colleague from Louisiana Kyle Ardoin did it.

Why? According to them, ERIC is “a leftist group funded by George Soros” (a liberal donor), although in reality it is completely funded and controlled by member states. they lie.

17 states, where a third of the population lives, have a negative governor, attorney general, or secretary of state.

And in a recent poll, ⅔ of Republicans said the 2020 election was “stolen from Trump.”

But the most troubling example is House President Kevin McCarthy’s granting the presidency of important committees to the most recalcitrant opponents of democracy.

Among others, Jim Jordan chairs the litigation committee today; Mike Roger the Armed Forces; Mark Green of Homeland Security.

There they are dedicated to turmoil and chaos, not to the enactment of laws or control. The day after the publication in the media of the scandal with the secret documents that Biden was supposed to return, an investigation was announced against the president and his entire team.

With joy, they look forward to, among other things, the investigation into the case of the president’s son. Now they have the right to subpoena (subpoena) to obtain testimony and documentation.

It will be false, far-fetched, far-fetched investigations.

The Republicans in power are trying to destabilize the country, plunge it into chaos and once again promote an authoritarian government. The press, the defender of democracy, should know about it and condemn them.

Because, by their very nature, they no longer accept defeat in an election. For them, losing an election is just confirmation of fraud. They don’t need proof. They seek power through lies, conspiracies and incitement.

Author: Editorial
Source: La Opinion


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