Xochitl, the one next door

The story of a poor girl who leaves her town to make it big and through her efforts finds not only love but also success. No, it’s not Thalia, it’s Xochitl Galvez!, a Mexican presidential candidate visiting southern California.

In this case, the soap opera is about an “indigenous” girl who sells jelly and, without much resources, leaves Tepatepec, Hidalgo to become an engineer and lift her family out of poverty due to six years of corruption in the PRI and PAN, parties that are now , as an adult, she imagines herself.

However, after receiving dubious million-dollar contracts, living in a house without legal permission, and plagiarizing her last work, which earned her a degree, for her, the main cannibal in history is not her corrupt actions, but, strangely enough, the President of Mexico. who, in Galvez’s own wry words, “is a macho man who cannot resist a woman’s success.” How wrong is the candidate for a candidacy that is collapsing more and more every day.

It doesn’t matter that in López Obrador’s cabinet, both in Mexico City (2000-2006) and now in the presidency, half of the leadership, and sometimes more, have always been led by women. He even now passed the baton of command of Morena to a woman, and for the first time in many positions, such as internal affairs, she was represented twice by a woman.

But let’s return to the script of the absurd soap opera that they want to sell us. As in every story, there must be a magical moment, a defining moment when the heroine receives divine inspiration or a message from outside that gives clarity to her future and forces her to face difficulties.

In Galvez’s case it was a colorful butterfly. Yes, a few weeks ago, the candidate of the Amplio Front of Mexico detailed to a Grupo Imagen reporter during her visit to the Hidalgo Mountains that suddenly a butterfly stopped on her hand, and this was the signal that made her seek the presidency. not the leadership of Mexico City.

Well, that’s what he said at the beginning. But since this reverential nonsense was not well received even by the corporate press, where the idea was also ridiculed, the script is now changing and Galvez says that what motivated her to run for president was the fact that President López Obrador did not open the doors of the National Palace to him in order to give an answer about government programs. Change of position, wobbly as his own jelly.

Until now, the media, which at one time criticized and called the candidate ridiculous and without any chance of winning the presidency, now says that Galvez is a “phenomenon” and compares her with the appearance of a “miraculous maiden” who comes to her senses. to save the people of Mexico from the destruction that some right-wing commentators say President Lopez Obrador is causing. It’s intolerable to follow the broken paths of a mainstream media that doesn’t realize that most Mexicans, even those who identify with the right, no longer buy Cachirulo-style stories like this.

“This is the trick of Xochitl Galvez – to chain himself to the presidential chair of the House of Senators… For what? Because she is campaigning because she wants to be the PAN candidate in Mexico City,” Joaquín López Doriga said four months ago on Radio Formula. But a few weeks ago he commented: “Galvez… whom I have called the most formidable presidential candidate since Vicente Fox.” Indeed, the movement of disinformation weathervanes that López Doriga was as a “journalist” is full of laughter and laughter.

Without giving up his Senate post, which many consider unethical, Galvez travels the country and visits the United States with five vans, according to one of his representatives, and more than a dozen people, where he at times coexists with farmers. , with “Dreamers” and with some right-wing leaders to tell you her story of a poor girl, an independent politician and a successful woman who made it by the sheer sweat of her brow, but who now, in her words, “President Obrador wants to end it ” Who dictates the tone of his weak and untrustworthy speeches? They won’t raise a single voice. At least not here in the United States. They are very sad.

Many of the undocumented business leaders, workers, and young students whom Gálvez interviewed were driven out of their country during the Mexican-style neoliberal period, a period from 1982 to 2018 during which Mexico experienced one of its deepest inequalities for which millions of people left the country.

It was at this time that the initiative in favor of Mexican workers was never approved, and in addition to looting and unprecedented corruption, workers were weakened to extremely low levels, always with the argument that if wages were increased, it would unleash unprecedented inflation. Another lie repeated for almost four decades.

The current administration has doubled the minimum wage in five years, and another increase is expected in January. In addition to increasing vacation days from 6 to 12 and eliminating subcontracting to a minimum – or so-called outsourcing— which allowed workers to be hired and fired without any rights or benefits, a measure favored during the era of neoliberalism.

But it doesn’t matter: the Mexican Expansion Front candidate, a self-described independent and a vocal critic of PRI corruption, now represents that party and the PAN and wants to return them to the Mexican presidency. In a video that went viral in 2017, Galvez tries to break a PRI piñata while singing, “She’s here, she’s here, the one that’s going to screw up the PRI!” But now, with his florid language, he wants to return him to the presidency of Mexico. Who in their right mind would believe this imitation candidate?

This is one of the main problems of the opposition, which lies like breathing. And the only thing he wants is to return to power at any cost, but not to rule for everyone, but to benefit the few, the ordinary elite, including foreigners, and serve himself with a big spoon, as he always does. did.

They, the party leaders and Claudio They still think that almost 40 years of bad governments are forgotten overnight, and follow the formula of the discredited and dishonest publicist Carlos Alazraqui: “The more you lie against Morena, the better for you.”

Yes, these ideologues believe that with a script similar to a soap opera script, they are going to manipulate people again. But they don’t realize that this media tool no longer works; or maybe yes, but they don’t care and most of the time they don’t respect people and keep lying. However, we should not be complacent, because the right around the world is capable of anything to return to power. And everything means everything.

A small sign that people no longer believe them is one of the latest polls carried out by Heras Demotecnia, which corresponds to September, in which Claudia Sheinbaum, the candidate of Morena, gains 68% of the electoral preferences for 2024 against only 14% of the Xochitl region.

Author: Agustin Duran / [email protected]
Source: La Opinion


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