Porsche K1, new 7-seat electric SUV, coming in 2027 February 06, 2023 0

Porsche is working on a 7-seater electric SUV that should arrive in 2027. This model is destined to become the German automaker’s top offering. Once on the market, it will compete directly with the Mercedes EQS and BMW iX SUVs.

While this car is known internal name K1, as CEO Oliver Blume said in the past. This new SUV, which will be at least 5 meters long, is intended primarily for the American and Chinese markets. In any case, it will be offered in the Old Continent as well.


According to reconstruction Autocar, the upcoming new K1 will be the German manufacturer’s sixth electric model after the Porsche Taycan, the electric Macan coming next year, the electric Porsche Boxster, the electric Porsche Cayman and the battery-powered version of the Cayenne expected for 2026. It appears that Porsche intends to give this model a also “off-road capabilities”. In addition to all-wheel drive vehicle perhaps thanks to the presence of two electric motors, this model will also be able to rely on air suspension, which will allow, if necessary, to significantly raise the ground clearance.

Porsche K1 must stand on EPP platform to be used, for example, on an electric Macan. The SUV was originally supposed to use a modified version of Volkswagen Group’s new SSP platform called the SSP Sport. However, we do know that the German group has confirmed that the new SSP platform will arrive no earlier than 2028.

Porsche Macan, new details of the electric SUV

Porsche Macan, new details of the electric SUV

January 12

In addition, it looks like it will use some of the solutions introduced in the Mission R concept, which we first saw at the Monaco Motor Show 2021. The new SUV will also be able to count on all-wheel steering. and a new generation powertrain. However, we will soon talk about motors and batteries. However, it is very likely that the Porsche K1 will be able to use a battery pack with a capacity of at least 100 kWh. Production is expected to run in parallel with that of the electric Macan at Porsche’s Leipzig plant. Given that this car will represent Porsche’s new top offering, there is speculation that it could be priced higher than the Cayenne Turbo GT (over 212,000 euros).

The launch of this new electric model is still a long way off. Therefore, it remains only to wait for further information about its development.

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Source: HD Motori


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