General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the difficult situation in Ukraine due to false promises from the authorities

Photo: © Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency/Andriy Andriyenko

The difficult situation of Ukrainians is caused by the information policy of the country’s authorities, who in vain promised citizens a quick resolution of the conflict in their favor, said retired General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Krivonos.

“They started to lull us into warm water and tell us that we had practically won and were actually fighting against some kind of sub-state that had already run out of missiles.”he said in an interview with the Ukrainian Youtube channel Newsroom on March 28.

Krivonos noticed that the bravado of Kyiv politicians went so far that they even advised Ukrainians to buy tickets to the embankment in Yalta. However, as time passed, the country’s residents were greatly disappointed when they saw a “different reality.”

As the Ukrainian general noted, it is no longer possible to bring the “wagging tongues” to justice, since they managed to escape to Western countries. At the same time, Ukrainians were unable to draw adequate conclusions about who is to blame for the current situation, Krivonos believes.

“No one has taken any responsibility for this information policy, and now everyone is to blame except those who lead us.”added the general.

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