Karla Souza reveals the price she paid for denouncing being a victim of gender-based violence

Just over four years ago, actress Karla Souza showed during the interview was sexually assaulted by a producer he worked with.

Although he never gave a name, a few hours later Televisa announced the end of its employment relationship with director Gustavo Losa.

Since then, the doors of the alleged victim to work in Mexico have been closed. and therefore decided to move to Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides.

“I have been dealing with the issue of gender violence for 10 years, because this is what I encounteredwhere one in three women in Mexico suffers from violence. There are many stories and ways to tell them. We also need men to tell these hard-hitting stories to debate and change legislation. For me, talking about being the victim of sexual assault in my career led to four years of digital and physical attacks, loss of friends, cancellations, and loss of all brands because no one wanted to mess with it.Carla said while participating in the “We’re in the Cinema” panel, an event that took place as part of the events of the International Film Festival, which takes place in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

After an unpleasant experience, the 37-year-old actress advised young women to take care of themselves who are just starting their careers but above all, seek advice from other women with extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

“Don’t go to a casting alone, ask how much other people charge, send a message to someone who knows. For example, when I was in LA I didn’t know Ana de la Reguera and sent her an Instagram message, then she sat down with me to tell me what to do,” he said.

Besides, Souza emphasized the advice of another colleague, who at the time made it clear that, She has had to learn not to allow herself to be underestimated when discussing work matters, and in that sense she now quite clearly does not allow anyone to refer to her in a diminutive way.

“Don’t call me Carlita, I prefer to call myself Carla,” he stressed.

Thus, it became known that the Mexican actress is working on a new film project that will revolve around the domestic work that millions of women around the world do.

Author: Evaristo Lara
Source: La Opinion


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