Opel Rocks e-XTREME, here is the exclusive electric quad June 21, 2023 12

Opel Rocks-e is a lightweight ATV based on the well-known Citroen Ami. In 2021, design student Lukas Wentzhoefer created a concept that took the little Rocks-e to the extreme. A concept that then won the Design Hack competition. Now the automaker has announced build indeed this concept, which, however, will remain one of a kind.


Lukas Wenzhöfer’s goal was to turn the little Rocks-e into “all-terrain vehicle“. The result is Opel Rocks e-XTREME, a car that retains the bodywork of the original model but adds special tires, springs and suspension to enable it to tackle all types of terrain. A tubular reinforcing structure was also added to the bodywork with a large spoiler attached and lights at the top.

A small quadricycle was also raised off the ground. When developing the concept, Opel engineers tried to get as close as possible to the original 3D model. To limit weight, the automaker says it used 3D printing process make some car details. The distinctive carbon fiber rear wing is derived from the Opel Vectra GTS V8 and now features the e-XTREME emblem and serial number “001”.

In this case, the engine was not touched. Therefore, there is always conventional 6 kW unit powered by a 5.5 kWh battery. The Opel Rocks e-XTREME, as mentioned above, will remain one of a kind. The manufacturer did not mention the possibility of releasing a small special series. Rebecca ReinermannVice President of Marketing, Opel, commented:

With “OpelDesignHack” we have embarked on a new path of interaction and communication. Opel opened the industry’s usually closed doors and allowed the Opel community to participate in the creation of the concept car in a transparent and accessible way. The result is the Opel Rocks e-XTREME, a unique and original version of our Opel Rocks Electric, born from complex design challenges and enriched with Creation ideas for everyone. A very successful collaboration.

Author: Philip Vendrame

Source: HD Motori


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