Volkswagen bans the import of its cars into Russia via China

China can no longer help Russia bypass the ban on the sale of Volkswagen cars. This also applies to spare parts for cars of a German brand.

Volkswagen began to struggle with the unofficial import of its cars into Russia. The concern has banned China from supplying branded products to other markets. This is reported on the Handelsblatt website.

Parallel imports of cars “gray” became a problem for Volkswagen AG. In the Russian Federation, at the legal level, the supply of cars intended for the markets of other countries is allowed. After that, large networks of Chinese dealers began to massively import products of the German brand into Russia.

Most often, products of Volkswagen Anhui and joint ventures of SAIC Volkswagen Automotive and FAW-Volkswagen were imported into the Russian Federation. So the Russians could legally buy cars from a German manufacturer.

Chinese dealers are now prohibited from cooperating with Chinese intermediaries reselling Volkswagen cars to Russia. They were included in the so-called “black list”.

Volkswagen AG also banned the sale of Chinese-made spare parts in Russia. This will prevent the Russians from repairing their cars.

Previously Focus He wrote that the Russians switched to used cars instead of new ones.

Source: Focus


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