Director of RTDS spoke about the ban on the transit of goods from Turkey to Russia

Photo: © REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Photo: © REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Turkey froze the transit of sanctioned goods to Russia and blocked the process of their clearance at customs. This became known on March 9. According to the director of the Russian-Turkish Business Council (RTBC) Alexei Yegarmin, even with the complete closure of this channel, Russia will not feel any special changes.

In conversation with “Izvestia” Yegarmin noted that no official statements have yet been made by the Turkish authorities, however, entrepreneurs whose business affects the issue of transit through Turkey have already faced a problem more than once.

“If such restrictions take place, you need to understand what they will be against. With a high degree of probability, we are talking about goods that are not produced in Turkey … There will be a counteraction channel for the purchase of goods that are produced by unfriendly countries. Then these goods will decrease in the volume of imports in Russia”– Egarmin explained.

At the same time, he noted that one should not forget about the size of Russia in this situation. Our country is large, and if one trade channel suddenly closes, then it can be replaced with another.

“Russia is very large, so there are quite a few entry points to the global trade process. There are convenient ones, there are inconvenient ones. Turkey is more convenient, but if it closes, they will find less convenient. The process will not stop. We did not feel any sad consequences and not perceptible”– Egarmin summed up.

Recall that the Russian Embassy in Turkey is looking into the problem with the registration of trade operations. Russian diplomats hope for a speedy resolution of the difficulties that have arisen.

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